About Hopewell Pheasantry

Hopewell Pheasantry Canada Goose HuntingHopewell Pheasantry History and Location

Hopewell Pheasantry is a family owned business whose inception goes back to 1988. It is one of Pennsylvania’s prime wing shooting destinations.  We are centrally located within an hour of Baltimore MD, Harrisburg PA and Lancaster Pa; and only two hours from Philadelphia, PA and Washington DC, our nations capital.

250 Acres of Natural and Agricultural Habitat

Hopewell Pheasantry incorporates 250 acres of natural and agricultural habitat. We insure that your hunting experience is as close to natural as possible.  We are able to comfortably accommodate up to sixteen hunters.

Our birds are excellent flyers that will be a challenge to all hunters.  Our guides are highly experienced both in guiding, dog handling and dog training.  There are Brittanies, English Pointers, English Setters, German Shorthairs and Labrador Retrievers.  We welcome you to visit our facility.